Here you’ll find our T & C’s, please read carefully and any questions just send us an email! To book a place on a training course, please check the latest availability by emailing bren@mountaintraining.ie or by phoning (00353) 087 66 5 7790.

    • For 2017 – Mountaineering Ireland member training packages – all course fees, that relate to the training package, must be paid in full prior to the start of the first training weekend.
    • For 2017 Training Packages & Deals – all course fees that relate to the training package, must be paid in full prior to the first training weekend.
    • A place / s – can only be fully secured upon receipt of a booking form, along with the appropriate deposit / course fee and or balance of course fee

2017 Training & Assessment Package Deals…

Specific Terms & Conditions for these deals!

  1. A set of course dates will be provided for all training courses, from which you must make your choice.
  2. A set of course dates will be provided for all assessment courses, from which you must make your choice.
  3. Course locations / venues will also be set, from which you must make your choice.
  4. All package deals must be pre-paid for, in full, to avail of these offers – no part payments are allowed or accepted!
  5. You must complete all of your training within the specified course dates – no exceptions!
  6. You must complete all of your assessment within the specified course dates – no exceptions!
  7. Course fees secure your training deal, any withdrawal during the process, results in fees being forfeited.
  8. These offers can be bought as a voucher / gift for another person.
  9. These offers are open to individuals and Non-Mountaineering Ireland & Mountaineering Ireland clubs only.

Some important points to remember please!

  • Please note, that by signing and returning a booking form, you are confirming that you have read in full and that you agree to these booking terms as set out below and as they pertain to your selected course/s and booking or bookings.
  • Due to the nature of outdoor pursuits and the diverse nature of the courses that Bren Whelan runs, all clients should seek, if they are in any doubt about their fitness or health, medical advice as to the suitability of their personal health or medical condition in case it should adversely impact on their attendance of performance on a course. This should always be done by themselves prior to attending a course, the onus is on the client to fully ensure that the are suitably fit to attend and take part in a course. We retain the right to refuse at anytime prior to or during a course any person / persons who are not fit or capable of safely taking part in a course. In the event that they receive medical advice not to attend or we refuse attendance, then the booking terms and conditions as set below as per the type of course the client or clients had booked onto.
  • Suitable cancellation and or travel insurance should always be purchased prior to booking a course.

Irish – Cancellation Policy In the event that a client should cancel a booking/s following payment of a deposit and/or the balance / payment in full of a course fee/s, then the following schedule of refunds will apply:

  • If a client/s cancel within less than 21 days notice of a course commencement date, then the client/s are liable for the full course fee.
  • In the event of a booking being cancelled within 42 days of the course commencement date, then 50% of the course  fee is non- refundable.
  • All Irish based courses which are cancelled, will incur at a minimum a standard administration fee of €75.
  • For Mountaineering Ireland / BOS courses, when a cancellation is made within 28 days of the course commencement date, irrespective of circumstance, students are liable for the full course fee.
  • * Clients are strongly advised to obtain suitable personal cancellation and or travel insurance.

 Scottish and Overseas Courses – Terms:

  • A place on a course can only be secured upon receipt of a booking form and upon payment of the appropriate deposit.
  • The full course fee must be paid 8 weeks prior to participating on a chosen course.
  • If a course is booked less than 8 weeks prior to the commencement date, then the entire course fee must be paid in full.
  • In the event of a booking being cancelled within less than 10 weeks of the course commencement date, then the full fee / deposit is non-refundable.
  • Clients are strongly advised to obtain, both cancellation and suitable travel insurance for their entire trip.
  • All overseas courses which are cancelled, will incur a standard administration fee of €125 for cancellations or alterations to course dates.

Poor Weather

  • When severe weather has a negative impact on the running of a training or assessment course and we feel it is best to postpone all or part of a course. We will reschedule the postponed course to another training date.
  • As we have no control over the weather, we are at times forced, due to safety and experiential  reasons to postpone a course at short notice or while a course is underway. In this case you will be offered at least two alternative training dates to chose from.
  • In this case the course fee, neither in part or whole is refundable, but we will proved the course on another alternative date that best suits all concerned.

Liability & Insurance Bren Whelan / Mountaintraining.ie / WildAtlanticClimbing / Donegal Climbing is covered by a comprehensive Public Liability Policy of up to £ 5,000,000. Personal Accident, Cancellation or Personal Equipment Insurance are not available from Bren Whelan / Mountaintraining.ie they are NOT included in the course fee. Participants are strongly advised, particularly for courses abroad, to arrange an appropriate level of travel insurance cover. Checkwww.thebmc.co.uk for a wide range of mountain related insurance cover.

Safety There is an inherent element of risk in all adventure sports. Bren Whelan / Mountaintraining.ie / Wild Atlantic Climbing / Donegal Climbing – strives to operate to the highest possible safety standards. At more all levels, rigid control is not always possible, participants should, consequently, recognise and be aware of the increased level of risk whilst taking part in outdoor pursuits. Safety is of paramount importance and to ensure this, course participants are expected to comply with any requests which Bren Whelan / MountainTraining.ie / Wild Atlantic Climbing / Donegal Climbing – additional staff may consider advisable.

Equipment Details of recommended clothing and equipment are sent when you book on to a Bren Whelan / Mountaintraining.ie course. Bren Whelan / Mountaintraining.ie / Wild Atlantic Climbing / Donegal Climbing  – accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, or otherwise of personal equipment.

Weather Any outdoor activity can be affected by adverse weather conditions. We are often compelled to adopt a flexible approach to training programmes in order to ensure that the best use is made of the prevailing weather conditions. Should the weather result in the cancellation of a training course, event or rock climbing day or course, we will seek to provide you will an alternative training course / event or rock climbing date as soon as possible.

Training & Role Play During a training course NGB / BOS / MI or otherwise, it is often necessary to complete a wide range of skills. Many of the scenarios which are set when attending a peer to peer course, say for SPA, ML, WGL etc require ‘role play’. This type of setting is used to assist in the development of all the candidates in attendance, it is not designed to negatively impact on anyone of the students or candidates, it is designed to recreate situations that occur in the ‘real world’ whilst leading groups etc. Therefore candidates are expected to understand that this is for the benefit of all, not a personal assessment nor a criticism of them.

Please note that these T & C’s have an effective date from November 1st 2016.