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Mountain Training

Mountain Training is an ideal way to learn the skills of map and compass work, in a relaxed a friendly setting. Bren Whelan has been delivering Mountain Skills training for over two decades. He has evolved his teaching of this course to ensure you learn the most up to date, cutting edge navigation skills available.

Mountain Skills 1 (MS1)

This is the foundation course for those wishing to learn the skills require to travel safely in the mountains of Ireland and the UK.  This course includes map-reading and simple navigation techniques, recognition of natural mountain features, distance measurement and timing of walks. Mountain hazards are also covered, as is personal equipment such as correct clothing and emergency equipment. This course takes the form of two consecutive days and involves two walks and classroom based talks.
Cost €115

Mountain Skills 2 (MS2)

This course builds on the Mountain Skills 1 course and covers night navigation, negotiating steep ground, unroped scrambling, more advanced navigation techniques, route cards, mountain rescue and emergency procedures. This course is a further two days and involves a day into night walk on the first day and a day travelling over steep ground on the second.
Cost €125

Mountain Skills Assessment (MS Assessment)

This is the final phase in the BOS approved Mountain Skills series.  This third block is a consolidation of skills learnt in MS1 and MS2, and is an opportunity for candidates to test their mountaineering proficiency to a prescribed standard. MS assessment is held over two days. It comprises of both written and practical evaluations, including a night navigation exercise. Candidates wishing to undertake MS assessment are required to maintain an online logbook of their mountaineering activities, and to have logged at least 14 walks in three different upland areas of Ireland. At least four of these walks should be within two months of MS assessment.
Cost €145

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Mountain Skills 2

This course builds on the foundation provided in Mountain Skills 1 course and it provides and enhanced skills programme that covers the following:

Mountain Skills Assessment

The final stage in the BOS approved Mountain skills series and the gateway to the Irish Mountain Training Boards (BOS) Mountain Leader Scheme.

Classic Donegal High Mountain Walks

The Inishowen Hills, Derryveaghs, Bluestacks and Slieve League areas of Donegal are all areas where we can guide you safely and expertly up and down any mountain on the island of Ireland. As specialist in coastal hillwalking and mountain guiding we can take you to the top of remote summits, in the worst of Irish weather!

Camp Craft Skills for the Irish Hills

We specialise in teaching the skills of ‘low impact’ camping! Light weight, cutting edge minimal mountain travel is always at the forefront of every campers mind. With hundreds of nights ‘under canvass’ in his logbook, Bren has honed the skills required to pack small and travel light in the mountains.

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