Mountain Leader Award

Mountain Leader (ML) Award is designed for those who wish to lead others in the mountains, hills, and moorlands of Ireland and the UK, in summer conditions. It is designed to promote the safe enjoyment of the mountains and provides instruction in the skills required for those who wish to lead groups. Mountain Leader training is usually split into two blocks (ML1 and ML2) but can also be completed in the one-week long block. Rock climbing, use of the rope, and leading groups in winter conditions are not covered by the ML.

The pathway to the Mountain Leadership Award is to first complete the 2 day Mountain Skills Assessment, then Mountain Leader Training, a detailed consolidation period, which is then followed by a 3 day Mountain Leader Assessment.

What is a Quality Mountain Day (QMD)?

Registering for the Mountain Leader AwardRegistering for the Mountain Leader Award
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a current member of one of the three Mountaineering Councils: Mountaineering Ireland, the British Mountaineering Council or Mountaineering Scotland.
  • Have passed the Mountain Skills Assessment

What Our Visitors Say


“Did my ML assessment with Bren. He is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to all things in the mountains ; and the outdoors in general. Bren is very professional, and approachable and I learned a lot from him , even in an assessment environment. His passion for educating and the outdoors is inspiring. Brian”

Brian Smith
Posted March 2022
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